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Importing and exporting trucks and other machinery, reliably

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Sebastian Roiko

”Great service, I'll highly recommend Roiko Trading!”

– Koskela Machine Oy


Roiko Trading is your reliable broker when it comes to importing and exporting of trucks and other machinery. Whether you are buying or selling, we take care of the whole process so that you can concentrate on your business.

Are you selling?

Talk to us today! We help you sell your equipment by advertising it internationally on many different platforms. We take care of the whole sales process from start to finish, which gives you peace of mind and ables you to invest more time in your business.

Are you buying?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for trucks or other equipment. We are daily in touch with customers and partners all over the world. This means that we can find you the right kind of equipment and deliver it to you, no matter where you are.


We arrange financing for our finnish customers. Talk to us for more information.

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Phone: 0401571466

Sales: Sebastian Roiko

Mailing address: Rantatie 3, 69100 Kannus

Address: Asematie 28 69100 Kannus


Add your contact information here and we will be in touch!